How I Made Over $500 In A Few Hours Using
Craigslist and Facebook

A regular minimum wage job... in... lets say... California, USA. They make around $16hr. So working 8hrs a day that's barely $100 bucks in one days work!

I did not expect to make 5x that amount in 3hrs of work. You can also see another opportunity HERE!

Let me explain what I did. It reminds me of this other business opportunity. I went on the Craigslist Free Section and I found a working "in good condition" Deli Commercial Refrigerator. So I thought to myself, that can be expensive! So I googled prices and saw that they were expensive. I did not want to take any risk, so I downloaded the pictures, posted it on Facebook Marketplace for $1,200 to see if people wanted to buy it first.

Within a few hours, I got about 12 people requesting to see and buy this. So I went ahead and rented a Uhal Truck which was about $20. Then I went to Home Depot to hire a few guys for cheap, ($20 bucks an hour) to help me lift this heavy Commercial fridge in my Uhaul.

Then I brought it over to the guy that wanted to see it, I was selling it for $1,200, and he negotiated it down to $700 and he bought it right there!

My net profit was exactly $525.

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